Monday, January 10, 2011

You'll Just Have To Wait

I keep getting responsibility heaped on me at work. Possibly quite a bit more than I ever bargained for. I've been trying to up my game recently to figure out how I can do my best to keep everybody happy, including me.

One of the biggest problems is that I'm involved with so many different projects that it's almost impossible to sit and work on something for ten minutes without having to answer a phone call, a call on the radio, or turn to deal with someone poking their head in. Likewise walking down the hall, it's tough to make it twenty feet without getting stopped. Sometimes a group forms around me.

One thing that really helped was some advice from my boss to ignore my phone and radio during meetings. Easily done, just silence that little bugger and unless the same person calls three times in two minutes don't answer it. Something that made me kind of a power user was setting up Google Voice on my work phone. (I'm receiving no compensation for saying this). People call the same number, but if it goes to voicemail a transcript is taken and forwarded to my e-mail and I also get it as a text (most of the time).

Another thing is just to tell people no. I can't really put my boss off, he's going to give me assignments no matter what and he realizes that I/we have to prioritize because there's just so much going on. Making other people realize this isn't too tough though. When the fire alarm guys showed up on Friday and need assistance, I asked them to grab a seat while I finished the drawing I was working on. They were glad to wait and everything got taken care of in a timely fashion. The world didn't end or anything!

So that's it. Just one more tiny step in the constant battle to have it all make sense.



Irish Gumbo said...

You are wise, sensei. I shall meditate on this.

unmitigated me said...

I've read that this is the absolutely least productive way to work, with all the interruptions. Humans are not naturally multi-taskers, no matter what we say. My boss is the worst offender, but she doesn't understand that. I'm with ya.