Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wii Expect To Have A Good Year

Tonight at The Missus' family Christmas party my children received the unexpected gift of a Wii. It was actually in the form of a couple checks from an auntie and Far-Away Grama. So as the Short People were putting away the toys they had gotten out at the party we told them to hurry up and do a good job so we could tell them the very very good news. They did and I had my iPod out to video the reaction, but it wasn't exactly what I expected.

Only one of them actually jumped up and down. The baby shouted yeah because he's in the monkey-see monkey-do phase. Another one burst into tears when we told him that it wasn't an actual Wii and that I would have to go buy one after work tomorrow. And last but not least, the ever practical older sister sat there looking puzzled and finally let loose with, "But there's not enough room for a Wii where we have the TV. I stopped recording at that point and we got down to the explaning.

I had hoped to wait a little while longer before introducing console gaming to the household but The Missus seemed pretty interested in it. Maybe it will finally give her some leverage with those guys about school work and house keeping duties. It'll also be a decent way to get some activity in while we're in the midst of cabin fever season too. So wish us luck, we're about to venture off into the land of Wii. (Which apparently is so two years ago according to my friends who console game, but what the heck, you can't be an early adopter on everything.)


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unmitigated me said...

When my son was about 8 years old, and we had resisted the console thing, the eye doctor told us there was no better cure for his eye that turned in about ten degrees. We bought a Nintendo 64, and every upgrade has been done by him alone. A Wii can be fun for everyone...the Missus can try some yoga for mental health, and the kidlings can get some exercise with the sports stuff that's built right into the system!