Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thanks For Not Caring

I just wanted to dash off a quick thank you note to... um. Well here's the thing. I find that I'm glad the shine has worn off sending mass holiday txt messages to everyone in your contact list. The last few Christmases and New Years have been a non-stop barrage of generic holiday wishes. And while it's nice to think that people are thinking of you, when you get interrupted watching the kids opening presents fifty-five times because somebody thumbed "Merry X-Mas" and hit SEND ALL it seems like it's something we could really do without.

So to everybody who didn't bother to send me one thanks. And also to the few people who did send me messages (that were obviously one-offs, mentioning my family by name) thanks for tastefully spreading some holiday cheer.


1 comment:

Irish Gumbo said...

Happy New Year, Mr. and Mrs. (fill in the blank)! May your _______ be filled with ______ this ________ season!


You go, boy! And all the best to you and the Missus and the tribe, in this coming year.