Sunday, January 9, 2011

Makin' It Up As I Go

I had a gig last night which was a jolly good time but It meant that I didn't hit the sheets until after four this morning. My lovin' Missus let me sleep and took the Short People to church despite having a migraine. I awoke just after lunch to find the baby sleeping, the big kids visiting Grama and Mama all whacked out on head meds knitting on the couch.

Wha followed was a pleasant afternoon drinking coffee and watching the baby be cute. As dinner time rolled around the children started trickling back in and my wife was still crocked so I decided to take on dinner. She had jambalaya in mind so I did a quick search on the iPod and got to work. And now begins my tentative first efforts as a food blogger.

Having not quite everything on the list I decided to muster up my courage and just fake it. I'm a recipe follower but when it's just a big pot full o' stuff I'm not so scared. We had venison sausage and ham left over so that would do for sausage and well, ham.

I got started with the drip of olive oil we had left and made up the rest with the drippings from the venison. In went the dehydrated onions because we had no real ones, celery and green pepper. We only had one can of tomato paste so I caramelized that with the veggies to make up for some o the missing goodness Faced with adding two cups of stock I faked it with water and bullion and added the meat. Canned tomatoes from the cellar took the place of real ones and the juice made up for some of the stock we didn't have.

In went four cups of brown rice because that's all we had and in lieu of Cajun seasoning I used black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, thyme and oregano. A little more water and salt to taste and let 'er simmer.

It took forever for the brown rice to cook but once finally dished up it met with good reviews. It was a tad too spicy for some so the plan is to add kidney beans for the second go-round tomorrow.

Till next time may your soup pot be filled with savory goodness.

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Pamela said...

twas good.

Irish Gumbo said...

You have learned well, grasshopper.

C'est bon, c'est tout. 'Nuff said :)