Monday, May 3, 2010

So Long Old Puss

Our old cat Jake has gone on to the great hunting ground in the sky. Once fat and sassy, well not sassy, he was so laid back he wouldn't even meow properly he just sort of grunted, he got sick and thin and today was the day to take him to the vet. The Missus wrote about it as well.

The poor doc got sad right away and kept talking about putting $1000 into the animal and still not having much hope. Without doing a lot of testing we'll never know but it was likely feline lukemia and pretty advanced. So he got a little injection, closed his eyes and went to his rest a few beats of his little heart later.

It was a perfect day. Just balmy, with the sweet smell of growing things in the gentle breeze as we laid him to rest under an apple tree where he liked to hang out. J-Man helped wrap him in a towel so he'd be cozy and then helped me with his little shovel.

There were tears of course, and a lot to be said about missing and wanting and fairness. Miss O, who is easily hurt had a pretty good outlook. We've been reading All Creatures Great And Small so she seems to understand about what happens when there's nothing you can do for an animal.

So here's one last goodbye for my old Jake Bear. I don't know if animals go to Heaven but if they do I'll rest easy knowing that there won't be any mice or rabbits getting the tomatoes up there. And some saint will find a nice companion in my fat cat who would never sit on your lap but snuggle up to your knee instead and just purr away. Go easy old son.


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Irish Gumbo said...

St. Francis and Fat Jake: a great team.

Sorry, my friend. I'll raise a glass.