Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Minus Two

I was commenting to The Missus the other day about overhearing some people complaining about their children. Somebody was whining about having to go and do several stressful things with, brace yourselves, both children! Not that I'm wanting to toot our own horns for surviving four children. Lots of people do lots more and live to tell the tale.

But it got me to thinking that if I had to go to say... three retail locations, the library and drop something off at a friend's house with two children I'd feel like I was on vacation! The Missus said she'd feel up for almost anything at that point. "Hey, let's go bra shopping!" she said. I think it's not necessarily the total number of children you have to tote around though. I think the critical number is negative two.

Example: Bill and Mary have seven brats darling children and manage to ditch have two of them spend the afternoon with friends while they take the rest shopping for school clothes. The entire time this happy, hypothetical couple feels as though a tremendous weight has been lifted off their shoulders and that anything is possible. I'd be willing to bet that even the Duggers* would experience some detectable change if they off-loaded a pair of offspring on the grandparents for an afternoon. It might take precisely calibrated scientific equipment, but I'll bet my lab coat it would be there.

*The Duggers are a family from Utah who have 27 x 10 ³ children.

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