Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Brief

Things are going great at work but I don't make enough money to live on.

eg. Deposit four figure paycheck on Friday. Have zero dollars on Tuesday. It's an equation that works out to the cube root of suck. Factor in that we're pretty much doing every single thing we can think of to be cheap miserly stingy thrifty already, there's really not much for it unless the music scene decides it wants to recover and keep me busy every weekend again. Mmmmmmyeaaahhh. Not holding my breath.

So I'm asking for a raise and doing a phone interview just in case.

But God... things are just starting to go right at work!

Sit tight kid, I know what I'm doin!


In other news the two cats that I sort of like are starting to look extremely scruffy and one is barfing regularly. Here's another equation. Sick cats + no money to fix sick cats = two down, one to go until we're obligated to buy the kids a dog.

A brief pause while I go look for bourbon.

And lastly, somebody made a movie about Lemmy. Can. I. Get. A. HELL! YEAH! Finally a rock biopic that I actually want to see. Dave Grohl gushing in the teaser was enough to make me want to go shave my beard into mutton chops.

And that's enough for one day. I'm off to scrounge spare change in the couch cushions while blasting Overkill. Good night and good luck. In Motörhead we trust!

P.S. The following video is not suitable for work. Or if you have small children around. And be careful, the song has three endings, this is not for the faint of heart.


1 comment:

Irish Gumbo said...


That was awesome, my friend, just what I needed to get my day kickstarted. Wow.

BTW, I have been trying to solve some quadratic equations that involve the cube root of suck...and it sucks! :)

Fingers crossed and best of luck to you.