Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spam Calamity

So I pulled out my iPod today and the mail notification said I had 300 messages waiting. Great... spam. Oh but wait, it get's better. They were all notifications of comments on my blogs. Either this has been going on for quite some time now and I just missed the notifications, or I got hit hard last night.

So let's see... at least six comments (in Chinese) on every post, times close to 500 posts, equals:

Close to 3000 bogus comments to delete. It's relaxing though. Something about repetitively obliterating those comments is quite soothing in fact. And now a brief message to my new admirer.

堵塞在阴茎您一个害病的妓女的愚笨儿子。 我祝愿您在一个桶的秋天被传染的少女。 并且愿您的政治信仰起因在阵雨发现由您的政府,投掷在监狱和一再强奸的您由大人。



The Mister said...

Ugh, OK 125 posts cleansed of Chinese Spam. I'm going to bed.

Jill said...

OK, I translated that using Babel Fish... my reaction was split between laughing hysterically and saying to myself "Whaaat?"

Bummer about all the spam tho' :(