Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, The Things We Do

Tonight was supposed to be date night for The Missus and Miss O. The choir from her college was performing at a church in the city (Buffalo) and I was going to stay home with mah boys so they could go and revel. By the time I got home it had become a full fledged family affair as nobody wanted to be left home.

We drove an hour. We sat in the pews. The Missus and the Boys missed the first (amazing) selection in the bathroom. Then the Boys fidgeted so much that I felt like I had to take them out. I may have been quick on the trigger but I got up at four the last two days for work and I'm a little twitchy.

We went outside and I set them loose on the church playground. Five minutes later The Missus called my cell to find out where we were because Miss O had burst into tears and wanted to go home. Pile in car, buy chips and drinks, drive another hour, home again - home again - jiggity jog. (As my father used to say)

It was heartbreaking. I didn't want to go in the first place and then after I heard the first few notes I didn't want to leave. At most I heard three measures without interruption. Not even long enough for me to close my eyes and savor (Savour? it sounds more rolling around on the tongue-ish.) the most lovely sound that has caressed my eardrums in years.

On the drive home I couldn't even remember what they had sung. So I made their angelic voices sing Methodist hymns in my head instead. What a kick in the pants. Ahh well, I'll soon be up to my nernies in snow and raking in the overtime clearing it away at the hospital. This will shortly be just another "remember that time when...."



Jim Styro said...

Dude, just put them "Husband points" in the bank and move on. Some day we'll all look back on this and laugh.

Actually, I'm chuckling right now - but don't tell your wife. (Oh wait, I already commented on her blog.
Never mind.)

steenky bee said...

I think, I *think* our Pamela had a sneaking suspicion that you weren't exactly jazzed about the choir thing.

Did you guys plan this? This dual topic thing? Because MAN o MAN this is blogging gold, I tell you! I was just at her place and I suggested YOU blog about this too. This should be your thing! You're like the Tom and Katie of the blogging world! (I know I've said that before) Just don't operas our girl so that she has to tap her way out of this thing, okay? Also? Is it creepy that I call her "our girl"?

This dual post honestly made my night! I imagine you two just sitting across from one another rollng your eyes at me and saying, "Duh. How could she NOT know we did this on purpose."

steenky bee said...

And now? I just look like a creepy follower of Jim up there. I commented after him at our girl's place too. Hi Jim. I'm your worst nightmare.

The Mister said...

Oh yeah, no Olympics for Daddy tonight. Grrrrr. And yes Steenky, it's fine with me if you refer to my wife as "Our Girl". She explained the whole "Sister Wives" thing to me and it sounds like a hot mess. I'm in.

I will henceforth be referring to Hannah as my "Country Wife" and you as my "Out-of-town Wife". I'll name the others as they come forward.