Tuesday, February 9, 2010


A wise man once said to me, "Sometimes ya just gotta throw yer hands back and say, 'Fuck It!'"


I get a lot of comments about my sense of humor at work. I always explain it as a game I play called Laughing To Keep From Crying. The hospital people don't get it. The construction workers do.

In this life there's so much to be miserable about. I figure you ought to at least be mockingly happy about it when possible.

I thought about my marriage vows today and how they include better and worse, richer and poorer. It applies to everything. While my soul is wedded to this mortal body I think the two of them owe it to each other to at least ride it out with every possible chuckle in between the good times.

Keep your chin up.



Pamela said...

so that explains why you laugh at me.

steenky bee said...

First of all, in my reader, you and the Missus' posts are right by each other. Aw.... Too sweet. Let me go back and read now.

steenky bee said...

Aw...this was sort of a sweet post with the inclusion of some old guy at the beginning that gave you advice with a swear in it. It's true though, there are times, mostly at work, and mostly with my kids, that I have to laugh instead of cry. My husband? He reduces me to tears daily. You should smell the pungent odor that comes from him. It stings my eyes!

(Your word verification is scaryera - scary era - sort of telling, don't you think?)

Irish Gumbo said...

Sometimes I just throw my head back and laugh like a bastard, just laugh...and no one but me knows why.

Could explain why people don't want to sit near me...

I grok what you are saying, bro. Laugh!

Mari said...

Good advice. I tend to live my life like that as well. Not very many people get it. Anyway, I'm just flipping through blogs, but feel free to check mine out.