Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Meh of Modern Life

So my truck got broken in to and a bunch of stuff that I use all the time got taken. And some really expensive stuff that belonged to other people. My fault, I left it unlocked. But the butterflies and the lump in the throat that develop after the anger subsides are nothing compared to the horror that is trying to get things back on track after something like this happens.

It took three hours to get my bank account back in order and I'm told that this is because they designed the new procedure to be more painless. Then there's the bumbling mumbling police officers, the constant trolling on Ebay and Craigslist for my stuff, and don't even get me started on the insurance companies. There's three involved and it looks like the best case scenario will involve me hocking some more equipment that I can't afford to loose to cover deductibles.

I didn't write this to be all woe-is-me. Whatever, God's bigger. I'm just sort of disgusted with humanity. In all honesty drugs are probably the reason that thugs were checking car doors in my neighborhood (my nice, quiet, rural neighborhood) and that just sucks. What a blight. And we throw money hand over fist at insurance companies, but when we actually need our coverage, because of all the fraud they sick the don't-pay-out-under-any-circumstances crew on you. Again, bleh.

Whatever, perspective... it could be way worse. In all likelihood people who are desperate enough to roam around stealing are also living under an extremely elevated risk of getting shot, or shanked, or any number of unpleasant things. And that's on top of the dreck that is the daily existence of a drug user. So I'm really not that mad at the perpetrators. They've been getting theirs for a long time already and will continue to get it every day of their miserable lives. As for myself, my truck is a little lighter tonight, but I've got a warm house full of golden children. I've got food to eat and water to drink (we can still afford it this month anyway), and all and all life is still pretty sweet.


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Irish Gumbo said...


That's the sound of my head getting screwed on right, to face the day.

Sorry to hear about the theft, but good to hear your perspective. Warm house, golden kids...sweet, indeed :)