Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Local Holiday Celebrateur Makes Good

I was paging through the People of Wal-Mart and about fifteen pages in came across a gentleman from my own home town. Here's the link. He generally has several thousand holiday items on top of his truck, a three foot tall piece of head wear with several hundred more items on it, and quite often dyes his beard to match the colors of the current holiday. At Christmastime he goes the extra mile and adds a trailer to the rig to get in all the extra accouterments.

I run into him at Wal-Mart (of course), the bank, the gas station, and even at the hospital where I work. Not sure if he's coming in for routine testing or just showing up to spread the holiday cheer. Always... this isn't just a Christmas thing. He's in full regalia the whole year round.

Not quite sure what I think about it, but I usually smile when I see him so I guess it's mission accomplished for The Holiday Guy.



Irish Gumbo said...

Ahh, but it is done with love. Mission most certainly accomplished!

tattytiara said...

He is awesome.

I used to know an older guy with a garage decked out like that guy's truck, only it wasn't holiday specific. Lots of lights, lots of dolls, and his real claim to fame were the utensil and false teeth windchimes he made. I went over and talked to him one day. Fascinating, fun guy, and he gave me a ton of stuff. I know I'll never need to buy playing cards again as long as I live.

I love people who follow their muse 110%.