Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's A Mad Mad Mad World

The world is just nuts. Cultures. Paradigms. I flipped open Effbook this morning and the same person had posted an article about Darfur and photos from Pet Society within minutes of each other. I'm not putting that out there with any sort of negative inference or anything. My life is full of the same sort of thing. At work, patients lie in the ICU on ventilators while I complain about the HVAC computer being slow.

It just strikes me now and then how wide a range the human experience encompasses. My kids fight over my iPod Touch like it's the end of the world, while a billion people walk this earth having never made a phone call. I'm pretty poor compared to some in this country who live in big houses, but even here I'm far above the bottom of the barrel. And even the people who are the poorest of the poor would be considered wealthy by comparison in a lot of other places.

That's one of the nice things about civilization. The farther up the ladder you climb, the more free time you have to think about and do all the things that make us civilized. When "keeping the wolves at bay" starts to mean paying the water bill and not keeping real wolves from eating your babies you start to have time to think about flower beds and network television.

The thing that really makes us civilized though is when we sit atop our piles of riches and scoop up a handful for our fellow man. Not to toot our own horn too much but that's the very reason our family is involved with Habitat For Humanity to help out folks in our own neighborhood and Heifer International to give a leg up to people on the other side of the world whom we'll never meet.

We've seen with our own eyes what a powerful difference the right kind of giving can make for someone. We've chosen organizations that "teach a man to fish" instead of just offering a simple hand out. This didn't start as a pitch for holiday giving. I could have written it in June and meant it just as much. Maybe I'll re-post this next summer. A reminder to enjoy your present circumstances and keep things in perspective.

And since I may or may not post again this year depending on my level of exhaustion I'd like to wish everyone who still reads me a Merry Christmas, and also a Happy Hanuka (I thought there was a "C" in there but apparently my spell check is even more goyem than I am) and also a Joyous Kwanza, Pleasant Solstice, and whatever other holiday you choose to celebrate. Think of the poor, the hungry, the huddled masses and break 'em off a lump. Share the warmth y'all.



Irish Gumbo said...

And a fine warmth it is, my friend. I've been meditating on this very subject a lot as of late.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the peace and blessings you can handle, for you and your family.


Jason said...

This is a great site you have here. I just found it from a friend's page. I have a humor blog as well and I'd like to exchange links with you. This will spread some traffic around between us. Let me know if this is cool.

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