Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let The Holiday Atrocities Begin

Today was the day folks. To be honest I'm surprised that people were able to hold out as long as they did. Today was the day the first Christmas decorations showed up. My neighbor down the street covered his front lawn in what appears to be an all new LED setup this year. Looks like environmental consciousness is finally taking root. No fewer than fifteen lighted ornaments including two six foot LED trees and two white reindeer (with strobes for effect) grace a lawn that I will be forced to view every time I exit my house.

I know it won't be long before the neighbors directly across the street break out the 3/4 scale plastic nativity scene. And with that I am going to end this post before I get in to a full scale rant about people who don't buy in to my religion or even attend church mucking up our high holy day with glitz and cheap props. I think I will go light a candle in the living room and sign Silent Night instead.



Irish Gumbo said...

You go, boy!

I'm sure you know I gots some issues with religion BUT I agree with you, mate. Glitz and cheap props, indeed...even I know that ain't the reason for the season.

I like lights, but there are limits.

Jenn said...

I saw, this week, I shit you not, a BLOW-UP nativity scene.

You know, like those big cartoon character blow up things? Now the nativity scene is mingled in with Frosty and Santa?

I'm pretty sure that's not what Jesus would do. Plus I'm sure he's pretty pissed that his birthday is on Christmas, being that Christmas steals all the spotlight.

Jill said...

Jon, you kill me! go have your self a Mark!