Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Location, Location, etc.

I got the soda treatment today. That brief instance where someone gets up on their high horse and snickers at you for referring to carbonated beverages as "pop". There was a lot of that when I was away at college in New York. New Yorkers have particularly high horses. I only let it bother me the first time though. (In my defense I was pretty much laughed right out of a room.) After that I decided that was one particular flavor of nonsense that I wasn't going to put up with.

So now when it happens I have a response:

"Oh, right, begging your pardon oh urbane one... I realize that your big city upbringing has endowed you with a certain air of superiority with respect to carbonated beverages. But you obviously need it pointed out to you that there is a problem with your feet and in particular your nose. When you are standing in the shade of sugar Maples and breathing the air that is cooled by the Great Lakes... it's pop. Now why don't you toddle off in search of a gellato or something (heh, good luck)."

Perhaps my own horse is getting a little high here but really, you've got some nuts to stand in the very heart of "pop" country and haughtily snicker at somebody like the Pepsi you drank back in the Burroughs is somehow ever so much classier for being called "soda". We may be hick, we may drink cheap beer from cans, but we don't pay $400 a month to park our cars, so who's the smart one now city kid?

Done ranting...



Bari said...

um, its BOROUGH down here. If you're gonna bash us you better get it right you uppity upstater!
...also don't feel bad, half the west coast and all of canada say pop as well. But I would never correct someone for speaking the native language of their peoples, however funny it sounds (my parents still speak brooklynese)
ps-we park for free AND have a backyard. no room for chickens tho :( We have to buy our overpriced organic eggs from the far mar.

Coelecanth said...

Yup, in Canada it's "pop". Here in Australia it's "soft drink".

I've gotta say though, if someone acts superior over such a thing it says more about their bigotry than it does about your vocabulary.