Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer Daze

Cheesy title, I know, but I'm about to get a little cheesy here. Summer is slowly drawing to a close. After the longest run of miserably cold summer weather in recent memory we're finally having a nice stretch of it. But even though it's pleasant out, and the trees aren't showing any color yet, there's a certain freshness in the breeze that signals the start of Autumn.

Construction crews are finishing up at schools and the custodians are out sprucing up the grounds for Opening Day. The stores are packed with families loading up with clothes and the ever growing list of supplies their kiddos need for the year to come. My own memories drift back to the joy of a new pack of pencils and a stack of empty notebooks. It must be the writer in me that got excited by the boundless potential in those objects.

But today my memories drift even farther back, to a time when there was no time. My days were measured in mealtimes and bedtimes and there was no schedule other than that. The sunny days spent with my school teacher mother are almost universally of sun drenched sidewalks, leaves, the smell of baking earth and new mown grass.

As I walked down that same sun drenched sidewalk today (I live on the street I grew up on) with little H-Bomb those memories came flooding back so quickly and sharply that I had to draw a breath. Here a whole summer has gone by, consumed with deadlines and late nights and not so much by games and picnics. An ache developed in me that I had to work very hard to push aside so as not to disturb the perfection of those moments.

Carefully, so as not to upset things, I set part of my mind to recording our little walk to the post office. Sun on concrete. Little blond head. Perfect air. Tiny fingers working the key in our mail box. Little shoes going slap, slap, slap. If I remember nothing else of this summer I'll remember the walk I took with my two year old son this morning.

It was a blessed moment.


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Irish Gumbo said...

What I would give...

The coin spins 'round on edge, and we are mesmerized by the sparkle and shine and blur of motion...a transcendent slice of time, my friend.

Thank you :)