Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Step Into The Room

Monday morning.

A brief pause while the ramifications of that soak in...

There, now that you're chock full of all the negativity that those words are loaded down with... consider the following:

This last Monday I stumbled in to work in my usual stupor. A full week and a weekend of gigs behind me, I was less than chipper as I stumped across the parking lot. Half way to the building though I looked up.

Above the asphalt still shrouded in early morning gloom, a seven story edifice rose up in front of me, glowing with the light of dawn. The sun had just crested the horizon and the light of day had crept down the bricks to the level of the granite sills on the first floor. The ship of my consciousness ran aground on an island, warm and inviting. From where I had paused to zip my sweatshirt against the wet chill of a New York September morning I turned and caught the full glory of Sol, painting shining making the very clouds to sing with joy at the start of a new day.

There was a wall of light in front of me, a glowing cliff face behind me, and I stood for a moment on the cool floor of a cathedral. The still of the night air remained, with a soft sound like the echo of a congregation saying, "hush".

This is where I skip the part about God and the beauty of the Universe and perspective and whatnot. Draw your own conclusions. I was in the parking lot. I had a moment there for a couple of seconds. It was like a drink of water for my soul. Then a car door slammed and I went to work.


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Middle Aged Woman said...

As a child I was taught that Jesus was the light of the world. My child's mind then made the leap, Son=Son.