Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's That Time Again

It's still Summer here. Even though the back to school sales started before my kids were even out of school this year. (Apparently all Wal-Marts cater to the needs of kids in Georgia who start in mid-August.) It's still Summer even though it's fast approaching the official start of Autumn. And it's still Summer even though the radio ads have started for the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

That's right kids, forget the Jewish holidays, Columbus day, Homecoming, Halloween, Thanksgiving and all that crap. It's time to get ready for a ROCKIN' CHRISTMAS!!!

Double-yew... Tee... EFF!

Silent Night By Candle Light

First of all, click the link to the post above to see my brief composition on What Christmas Means To Me. Then leave my faith completely out of it and go look at your calendar. IT'S THE MIDDLE OF BLOODY SEPTEMBER!!! I'm going to stop short of a full on rant because I think you get the point here.

Don't rush me...


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Coelecanth said...

Oh man, I couldn't agree more. I just did a radio ad for the store and the script had me saying "Get in early for Christmas." I axed that without a thought. I will NOT be the first to drop the Christmas bomb. :)