Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Don't Care... Really

So it's the first day of school and it really gets you thinking that-

Yeah I don't care... we home school.

And then I heard that President Obama was rolling out a new program for kids similar to the Hitler Youth. Or at least that's what the media seemed to be screaming about on the radio when I drove to work this morning.

Whatever. Don't care. My thoughts on politics are still confined to the narrow belief that politicians should stop screwing me and go eff themselves for a change. Whups, I must have knocked my cup over, there seems to be a puddle of malice on my desk.

And global warming is still going on, or maybe not because I had to wear a sweatshirt to work every morning in July. But that's probably just another facet of global warming, likely the fault of the Republicans, again. (Dang, now there seems to be bile dripping on the floor.)

Oh, and the economy sucks. I know because I heard it on the news. We have to be told when there's a recession on because it's still the Great Depression in Western New York. We pinch pennies, we don't buy big stupid houses that get foreclosed on, we're the working definition of thrifty. Once again, don't care. (We're practically in Canada here anyway, we could secede in a heartbeat if we felt like it. But we don't, we're too busy washing out zip-lock baggies to re-use in our lunches tomorrow.)

But that brings me to the final thought. The thought that got me started on this rant in the first place. I didn't set out to rant about all that stuff, I was only going to illustrate my point with a few instances and it got out of hand. My point is that no matter what way the wicked world goes, God is looking out for me. My needs are met. I'm not getting rich or making any progess at all really, but my family is out of this world and I rest my head on my pillow every night, secure in the knowledge that God will not let us starve on His watch.

And you know thisss.... maaaaaaaaaan!*

* Yes I referenced the movie Friday in a post about my faith.


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