Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy

This week I'm mixing a youth theater production of The Wiz. Because of the production schedule I'm only seeing my family for about an hour and a half each day. Yesterday after tossing down a few burritos with my Short People The Missus got them bundled into the car to take the two biggest ones off to soccer practie. It was shortly after that when the drama began.

Miss O, who is six, grabbed her water bottle for a quick sip in the middle of practice and knocked out her loose front tooth. With a mouth full of water a little blood goes a long way and between her screaming and the shocked screams of all the people around her it was apparently quite a scene. The Missus described it thusly:

Oh, someone's child is screaming.
Whoa, someone's child is really screaming.
Wow, that kid is really bloo-ohmygosh!

It was some serious drama there for a little bit cause my wee gal enjoys her a good flip out periodically. But eventually everything settled down and by the time practice was over she was skipping merrily down the street.

That night at bedtime she was a little conflicted about putting the tooth under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. She wanted me to see it first. So she grabbed paper and a marker and taped a note to her door asking the T.F. to please wait until the next night. Then she placed the tooth on a shelf by her bed, underneath a little silver bed so that if the T.F. didn't see the note, the bell would wake her up. (She also wrote in parenthesis at the bottom, "I Love You")

In the morning the tooth was still safe and sound and I couldn't wait to get home from work to see it. As soon as Miss O came bounding up the stairs she showed me the new space in her face and demonstrated her new found difficulty pronouncing "th" sounds. A few minutes into dinner I asked her how soccer practice had gone.

"Pretty good except for the bloody screaming part."


She looked a little put out that I was laughing at her but I explained, as I often do, that it should be taken as a compliment when someone laughs at your "good line". Well, the house is packed and it's ten minutes to curtain. I'm off to mix a show.


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Pamela said...

She does enjoy herself a good flip out.

Now pony up, tooth fairy.