Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breaking The Surface

I'm like a stealth submarine surfacing after a long mission. Tonight I felt like putting a few words down to remember this time at a later date. We had some friends over for dinner and just had a time of it. Let me start at the beginning though.

I walked through the door today to hear a noise that sounded like my vacuum cleaner was going to need service. It turned out to be a Kirby salesman showing off the new model to The Missus. That was not the first thing that I noticed though. The first thing I noticed was that there was a greasy giant in my living room next to my wife. (And that's not a statement lightly made as I am 6'2") So with my hand on my knife I learned that the sweaty, porn-stached man was cleaning our couches for free and we did not intend to buy a new machine from him as our (very) expensive old one worked just fine and didn't sound like it was broken.

"It's the power" he said

"You couldn't pay me to listen to that" I said

"It only sounds like that in houses with hardwood floors" he said

"We've got hardwood floors" I said

He kept cleaning. We kept ignoring him. We paid him no attention as we prepared for dinner. He would extol this virtue or that one as we passed through the room. We continued to ignore him. The company showed up. He took a smoke break. He finally finished up and left a couple dozen filthy filter pads spread out on our floor, ostensibly leading up to a presentation about how much dirt was in our couches. Yeah. We know. Did you miss the four children (plus two visiting) in the picture dude?

At last we sat down to a quiet dinner. At least in relative terms. Six children fussing over dinner at the kids table in the other room is easily ignored when you roll like we do. The dads took turns getting up to give our ladies a break.

It was my first time hanging out with my wife's friend's husband. We had met a couple times but never had a chance to talk. We like all the same stuff. They raise animals, make wine, garden extensively. He was a true townie though apparently. He claimed no knowledge of a number of things that should be in the manly lexicon. How to change one's oil, tools, carpentry, the use of the word "shit" in polite conversation. (Really, it's totally acceptable if you live in the country. If you spoke to a farmer about a "manure spreader" he'd probably skip his groove for a second until he figured out what you were talking about.)

So now I've got a buddy who needs to learn some stuff and I love to learn people about stuff. Even better is that he's interested in putting on his own steel roof and I'm just about to do one at the Dayton Ranch. What a perfect opportunity. I have a feeling there's going to be a well worn path between our places before long. It's a rare event 'round here when the women folk can sit like hens while the men folk go and play. I'm excited.

And out of words. It's bedtime. G'nite.



Julia said...

Steel roof? Sounds exciting. We don't need a new roof yet (knocks on wood), but steel ones intrigued me just from a durability standpoint.

ChurchPunkMom said...

Finding couples to hang out with is a rare and beautiful thing indeed.

And yes, 'the use of the word "shit" in polite conversation..' is definitely an important skill in.. um.. less developed areas. ;)

Middle Aged Woman said...

If we lived closer to you, I suspect the path would expand accordingly.

Irish Gumbo said...

Boo-yahhhh, bro! Time to man up! And if I wasn't so dang far away, the path between our front doors would be paved :)

And I'm likin' that steel roof, specified a few in my day...