Monday, August 24, 2009

Babywearing, Not Just For Girls

I spent a couple hours yesterday with the wee bairn strapped to my back. The Missus makes these little carriers that look sort of like a slingshot but with a flip and a twist you've got your baby firmly on your back (or front) and can go about your business with your hands free. Here you see the two of us just grabbing some stuff out of my truck. Us boys were on the move, gettin' stuff done.We've been through all the phases of carrying a baby around. While delicately handling our first newborn we never even thought of slinging her around. Then we started spotting stuff in catalogues and got ourselves a Bjorn. Good idea, and the kids loved it, but we were constantly re-adjusting the straps to fit our different sized shoulders, and it wasn't really all that comfortable for the one's doing the packing.

Next came what was basically a frame pack with a seat in it, I think it was a Kelty, it's still collecting dust in the back hall. Another hefty investment that lead to all manner of muttered curses and strap pulling to get things situated. Again, the Shorties loved it, but it was a big pain in the neck (literally) and a hassle to cart around places.

Finally The Missus stumbled upon The Sling. A simple loop of fabric that just goes over a shoulder and your babe snuggles down in there, or if you hang it differently they can sit up or ride on your hip. Lo and behold, a method used by women for as long as fabric has been available to the human race hits the internet age.

The Missus acquired a couple and also a podegi (like you see me wearing in the photo) and suddenly we're in babywearing bliss. A simple piece of fabric, one size fits all, and when you're not using it you can fold it into the diaper bag (or continue to sport it as a fashion accessory if you're crafty like that).

She made a few for herself, for a few friends and now our front room is practically a podegi factory. She's set up on Etsy and looking to spread the joy and earn a little mad money. If your back is tired of all the modern methods of hauling your wee ones around it's worth a look. I think she's even got a free shipping deal going right now. Happy babywearing!

P.S. Yes, this did start out as a cute pic of me and my Shortie and turn into the history of baby apparatus at our house and end up as a plug for my wife's Etsy store. That's blogging for you.



Pamela said...

yeah. buy my stuff. you'll be glad you did.

ChurchPunkMom said...

kinda makes me wish i needed a new carrier. but not really. cause that would necessitate a 'someone to be carried' and, Lord knows, i has enough of those.

i wish you much success, lovely lady. :)

Jill said...

you rock!

Jim Styro said...

Excellent post.
Multi-functional, should earn you some husband-points, hopefully a few extra dollars and - if there is any justice in the world - a little "gratitude" from The Lovely Lady in Your Life.
If you know what I mean. And I think you do.
[Did I keep it clean enough?]

Coelecanth said...

We've got a Bubba-Lugga. Australian made of the sort your describing here. I love carrying the bub around in it in. When she was really wee you could lay her down in it horizontally and she could take her nap. People were always coming up to me and asking to peek inside. Mind you, if she was having a bad day and crying I got a lot of dirty looks, like I was some kind of kidnapper or worse. Ah well, such is the father's lot in small town Australia. :) We still use it when we have far to walk and the pram isn't practical. Across paddocks or along the beach and that sort of thing.