Monday, August 10, 2009

Aw Fer Corn Sakes!

IT'S HERE! (This tasty post is dedicated to my man Irish Gumbo who is likely in need of a little salty-sweet goodness this week.) It's finally finally here. As we were driving by on our way home from a trip to the Scottish Games near Syracuse we saw The Sign was out and Wolfleycorn is back!

Wolfleycorn? Yeah, that's right, Wolfleycorn. Alloneword. That oh so delectable, home grown variety known as Butter & Sugar that the Wolfley family lovingly tends and sells by the side of the road is what I am talking about. Every year the townsfolk for miles around watch the fields and keep tabs on the weather and wait for the sign to appear.

Then the word spreads like wildfire. Faster than flames can jump from the parched boughs of a California redwood the word is passed across back yard grills, shouted from car windows, mulled over with salivating expectation between porches and sidewalks, it's even on Twitter this year! (I wonder if Wolfleycorn has a MyFace page yet?)

And then the moment finally arrives when one get's to the stand, a humble picnic table in the Wolfley's front yard. A few small bills are folded into the slot in the cash box and a dozen ears slide into the conveniently provided recycled plastic bag. Now for what you city slickers pay for a few tough old ears that we wouldn't feed our swine, much less our children, we are fairly rolling in the golden goodness over here.

The happy bundle is hurried home, often to a waiting pot of boiling water, hurriedly cooked for a few tense minutes and then... Oh sweet, salty, full-fat buttery Heaven! It's so tender you hardly need cook it at all. It's more to warm it so the butter will melt than anything else. The only way to get corn that is any more fresh and tender is to take boiling water into a field and bend the stalks over into it.

Little children dance and sing, old men glass over with nostalgia at corn so fine as this. OSHA requirements for the safe handling of butter go flying out the window and it drips from pairs of elbows on to the table cloth. A dozen ears disappear and talk breaks out of going back for another dozen for dessert. The menu every night for the next month is more than likely to include a healthy dose of Wolfleycorn.

Surely there is no doubt that all is right with the world. God is in His Heaven, smiling down on the residents of Alexander. The bounty of the Earth is ours to carry off and fill our bellies full. It's summer. The Sign is out!



ChurchPunkMom said...

mmmmmmmmm.... corn.

Self Improvement Babe said...

I was up in buffalo visiting my sis(still a drunken teenager only now with two kids!) and I thought about droping you a line. Had I known that god in his heaven was smiling about your deliscious corn! would have done a drive by! Your fab description of the yummy treat has made me have midnight munchies! No corn here but I am off to microwave a potato! Thanks for makin me smile!

Pamela said...

how 'bout you pick some up for dinner tonight to get cozy with our black angus steaks and beets that currently still have the dirt on them? that'd be great. kthxbai.

Jill said...

buy me a bussel!