Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Steep Downgrade

I felt like I've been on a downgrade, one of the ones with a sign on the side that says trucks use low gear. Some people liken a tough spot in life to climbing a hill but this one felt more like trying to keep it between the guard rails with the jake brake screaming and the tie downs ready to break loose. And I'm not gazing out from the peak now, I'm cruising in the flats, in twelfth gear with the throttle cracked, sipping fuel. It's an easy haul for a bit.

I'm not sure exactly what it was that got me from being so pissed off and worthless feeling that I was shaking yesterday to being OK today. Actually I know exactly what it was. As I was walking down a hallway early this morning at work I said a quick prayer, "Dear God, Help." He did. Within the space of a few hours I was suddenly on top of four remodeling projects and had a grasp on a gargantuan office move that's coming up. I worked late, sped home, got the kids into bed and I still feel like I have enough energy to get something done.

So I'll not dawdle here. Just thought I'd poke my nose in and let my bloggy friends know I haven't fallen off the Earth. Peace. Hit me up on Twitter, yo.


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Jim Styro said...

Glad to hear you're back to heading onward and upward. It's good to pray early and often - I should follow that advice more often myself.