Thursday, July 23, 2009

Iron Maiden

In the few minutes that I had all to my lonesome last night I was out in the shop watching some videos on YouTube. For no particular reason the selection was Iron Maiden and there was a lot of footage of their recent tour which was turned into a TV show or a DVD or maybe both and a breakfast cereal as well. (It's all about the tie-ins these days)

What was really good to see was that after close to three decades they're still incredible and still obviously loving it. What's more is that there are still enough fans, new and old to pack 100,000 a night into stadiums to revel in it with them. (And might I add, it still sends a shiver up my spine when that many people all shout, "CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS!!!!" all together. True, they're starting to show some wear but hey, The Stones all look like hobbits these days and they still rock.

I suppose it's not really important which band it is. I just think it's cool that it's still possible to attain longevity in the industry these days. With fans becoming ever more fragmented in their tastes and the industry finding it ever harder to make sales it's nice to know that success as we dreamed of it as kids with cheap guitars is still out there, still possible.

And while I'll likely never get in on the action at that level, it's just good to know that despite all the moaning and groaning in the media about the music industry people are still willing to play the game. To make the records, to buy them, to stand in line for the shows and buy the t-shirts. There's still a reason for kids to bang out chords on cheap guitars and dream about tour busses. And, most importantly, there's reason for people to call This Guy (right here) and book him to mix a show.

Take 'er easy. See you in the mosh pit.



Jill said...

cuz...rock on! once a "head" alway a "head" Love it!

I never was and don't fit the sterio type but I will lovingly label you a "head"

BOSSY said...

Bossy thinks it's cool bands can maintain their longevity too, since most of her friends are musicians, and they're aging fecks at that.