Wednesday, July 8, 2009

iPod or Lightsaber

I got an iPod touch for Christmas this year. It was a thoughtful gift from The Missus. I figured I would get some use out of the internet with it but I had no idea. What a sexy little device it is. All these helpful applications. Read the New York Times at breakfast, sure. Look up something on Wikipedia, no problem. Check gas prices, the weather, no end of games for the kids, and having the whole internet on a card that fits in my pocket is just bliss.

But more than that there's the deep joy that comes from owning a device that has leapt from the pages of the sci-fi books I used to read as a kid. At that age I never would have dreamed that this much power and information could fit in the palm of my hand, or that you could get them at Wal-Mart. Captain Kirk's tricorder is a clunky gizmo by comparison.

I had a little moment when I was tweeting on a break today. I looked at this little technological jewel in my hand and saw past the glitter of the information age. The screen was all smudgy from the Short People playing with it. The case is all scratched and foggy from riding around with me. It has that "lived-in" look that the creators of Star Wars spent so much time simulating.

I slipped it back in my pocket, daydreaming about the Cantina scene and Isaac Asimov. Han Solo's light saber hasn't got anything on my iPod. (And no... I don't have the light saber app.)

--End gushing--



Irish Gumbo said...

Well said!

I was going to write a similar post about mine, but...

It Has Been Done. :)

I feel the same way...

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