Monday, July 13, 2009

Ho Hum

It's VBS week at church and all the Short People are ecstatic. All, that is, except lil H-Bomb who is not old enough to go. He get's ice cream though so he's fairly OK with the whole thing. It's also VBA now, Vacation Bible Adventure. woo.

At any rate, the big kids in our family get to go but it's really just a little bit more than J-Man can handle (He dropped the Super a little while ago. Apparently the whole hero thing was getting to be a drag.) He does fine the whole time he's there and is super good but it totally uses him up. Come bed time there's just nothing that can please him and it turns into an all out scream-fest.

I have to admit that things are getting better with him. There's still no reasoning with him until it runs it's course but there's a whole lot less of grabbing him and putting him back in bed. He seems to have lost interest in kicking me in the face, I totally won out with persistence on that one.

The real losers in the battle though were H-Bomb and Sweets. The baby is at that age where he's starting to get really freaked out by his siblings crying. H-Bomb is becoming quite stoic though. He lays there quietly under his blanket, making the occasional staccato , "suck, suck" noise like Maggie Simpson. He rolls over. Suck, suck. He snuggs up the covers. Suck, suck. He sighs. Suck, suck. He pauses for a break in the torrent of screams to politely ask for a drink of water. Suck, suck. With one final sigh of resignation he fishes around under his pillow, finds what he is looking for, and cracks a book open to peruse by the light of the moon.

What a guy.


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Middle Aged Woman said...

That's my boy. Stoicism will serve him well.