Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Think I'm Winning

Work has sure had its ups and downs lately. After a perfectly peaceful three days of Memorial Day Weekend, "the grind" couldn't be a more accurate term. I could tell at least a dozen stories of delays, minor successes, triumphs, and at least two of them include it raining on the ground floor of a six story building.

It seems as though all these small victories, combined with the way I just naturally do business have made me the cooler. Three times now I've been sent to march straight into the path of women at work who are widely credited as being dragon-ladies. Apparently nobody ever tried listening to them or trying their best because that was all I did and it seems to have made me a hit.

It brings me back around again to a new affirmation of my faith. My father and I both hold a quote originating from St Francis that states (roughly) witness daily, use words when necessary. Without ever even so much as mentioning church, much less going on about my faith, I have accomplished the basic task of every Christian. That is, to share the love of Christ with my fellow human beings. It doesn't take tracts or awkward conversations. It just takes a moment to put yourself in a position to be the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Christ in whatever manner you find yourself capable of.




Irish Gumbo said...

Right on, my friend. Very well said and a great approach to dealing with daily life. (standingclapping)


Jill said...

That is why I think you rock Cuz! have a great weekend!

Jim Styro said...

This is why you are - The Mister. Very nice.