Friday, June 12, 2009


My wife bought me an early Fathers' Day present. Nothing spectacular but something I've been wanting to add to the back yard for a little while now. You wouldn't expect a box of those little solar garden lights to inspire waves of love and gratitude but they did.

Gift giving is important, despite all the griping folks do around Christmas time. Every culture on Earth has some sort of gift giving ritual. As Americans, of course, we've sterilized and mass marketed ours in shrink wrap. Other cultures often initiate gift giving upon meeting someone for the first time. It builds a bond and initiates trust.

It also greases the wheels. Just ask any construction worker how much his motivation improves when the White Box (do-nuts) arrives on the site. Somewhere deep down in the recesses of our brains a little droplet of goodness seeps into our systems when we exchange gifts.

So now in the fine tradition of Public Television stations everywhere let me encourage you to up your giving. Hand an unexpected cup of coffee to a co-worker and see if you don't work better together. You might make some one's day just by handing them a writing implement and saying, "keep it" (It doesn't even have to be yours, grab one off somebody else's desk). Spend a buck a head on your children at the dollar store and watch their little faces light up.

AH.... that's better. I took a week off from the interweb just to see what it felt like. I felt like crap but not, I think, for the lack of screen time in my life. Blogging, Tweeting, and Effbooking have become somewhat of a pressure release valve for me. I thought I'd be doing myself a favor by leaving off, but after a hectic week of feeling worse than usual I'm back.

See you in the details.



Irish Gumbo said...

And this, good sir, is a gift to us!

Wee Lass likes the stuff from the dollar bins at Target, and she does light up...just like the guys at the jobsite. I used to write a "donuts" clause into our specifications, to have a box at every progress meeting.

Welcome back, Mister! I was curious as to your whereabouts...

ChurchPunkMom said...

We are glad to have you back.

Perhaps part of why you felt like crap is because our social interaction online can be a gift as well.. You missed us. ;)

I know I tend to feel worse when I take breaks, and part of it is because I get lonely and feel isolated without all my friends (even the online ones) to come around me and support and encourage me when I'm down.

Welcome back, Mister.

Middle Aged Woman said...

With the economy so bad in SE Michigan where we are, I sometimes feel that Styro and I need to keep up the charitable flow for all the people who can't right now!