Friday, May 8, 2009

You Know It's Going To Be A Great Day When It Starts With A Visit From The Fire Department

Yeah, so right after I finished up my morning safety rounds at the construction site and dragged my coffee-deprived carcass over to the other campus... My phone started ringing, my radio started squawking, and the PA system started spewing about a CODE RED AT BANK STREET!

I hung my head for several milliseconds as I set down my still steaming bean tea (the wimp juice they call coffee at the hospital), grabbed two other guys and piled into a truck. We got there ahead of the Fire Department (cause we RAWK! that's why) and slogged our way through the situation. Two hours later it was under control but the aftermath and the phone calls from my boss pretty much didn't stop all day.

Then, at the very end of the day, when it was time for the asbestos guys to take their little protective baggies off the smoke detectors so I could turn them back on and go home? That's right... WHOOOP WHOOOOP CODE RED AT BANK STREET! (some times I wish she'd toss in a saucy mutha-hucka on the end) So that meant another hour makin' sweet love to the ancient fire alarm system and I missed picking up my paycheck.

I'm grinning as I'm writing this. Things are just so crazy that my, "We'll look back at this and laugh someday" reflex kicks in after about four hours. I'm nearly peeing my pants right now. Because as a follow up I got to spend the evening with my MOTHER-IN-LAW! HAH! Hitler in the Southwest penthouse of hell isn't having as fine a time! We arrived two hours past dinner time with a crew of deranged huns children and found that there was NO PIZZA on the premises.

But whatever. I'm home. I'm fed. I'm about to get into the bourbon like it's my fucking JOB and there's one more tiny tidbit of sweet icing on this steaming pile of a week I've had. At the very least I have this one tiny concession. I, The Mister, am the onliest employee in all of hospital land who is authorized for over time. As long as it pertains to the Bank Street project and especially if it pertains to the fire system. Sounds like a casual smoke under the ol' detectors might become a favorite pass time this summer.

I'm off to get lacquered with The Missus and NOT have sex. Because her girl parts are still tired from birthin' mah beautiful babeh, that's why. Nosey.


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mo.stoneskin said...

Man you have a crazy life. Lacquered huh? Hope it was a nice one!