Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's The Deal?

I was pondering the fullness of my life right now. Balancing the joys of parenting with the stresses. I'm looking at other families with kids and seeing parents with pass times and interests. I'm wondering if it's just that their kids are a little older and amuse themselves or if it's that they're somewhat inattentive. I look at couples with no children who have (apparently) all the time and money in the world to amuse themselves. Half of me thinks they're too self centered to ever be good parents and the other half wishes I could just take my wife out whenever I want to.

The other night I was frustrated at not having any of the requirements to pursue my hobby. Ham radio and electronics give me a great deal of satisfaction. With just a little money and some time at the workbench and I can build something that I will use. But there's not really any money to spare and the time that I do have to myself is that used-up, winding-down part of the day where my head is too cloudy to think things out. There's nothing like trying to build something without all the parts and without enough brain power to work it through.

So I'm back to wondering about families where Dad always seems to be out puttering, fixing up the house and Mom has a hobby or is off with The Girls. Again, half of me is jealous and the other half wonders if they're just filling up the hours. I look at myself on a day off. Once I've taken a nap and read a little I start getting restless. Am I even capable of any other type of lifestyle?

After six years of diapers and doctor appointments, snotty noses and skinned knees, and with at least a few more to go do I really want anything different? Would two consecutive days off cure me? When the kids all come home from school and disappear on their bikes will I be moping around an empty house, just waiting for bedtime? Is near total devotion to the lives of my children worth the near total sacrifice of my own?

Yeah... most likely.

Updated: After drinking a little coffee and doing a little math I came to the following (startling) conclusion. When I drop my youngest off to start his first year of college I will be not quite two months into my fiftieth year. Judging by the looks of others who have gone on before me with a similar lifestyle it looks like there will still be plenty of cluck left in this banty rooster by then. At that point I intend to dedicate some of my free time to being smug about people who waited to have kids. Suckers!



mo.stoneskin said...

You hold on to that hope of a smug future buddy, and then enjoy it.

ChurchPunkMom said...

We so totally are there with you on 'getting it done while you're young'.

So long as no more come along *fingers crossed*, J will be a spry 45 when our 5th heads off to college (or is old enough to be kicked out.. heh heh).

We have lots to look forward to, friend.. LOTS.

'That Girl' said...

smug is fun.

I dont' know why some people have time for hobbies. I don't and I wonder the same thing - Idon't resent it,it's just like they have this secret code and I'm not getting the memo.