Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The State Of Things

Everybody's feeling a little meh. The Missus in particular but we're all feeling it. Work is wearing on me, even though I feel like I might be winning, gaining some ground. The Short People... are pretty much savages. They're cure savages but they're just strung out on daylight savings time or something and it's pretty much like being in the primate house at the zoo.

So let's focus on the positive, shall we? First of all, the new Green Day is so good that it hurts me. I got through washing the dishes tonight purely on the songwriting excellence and flawless production values of Know Your Enemy. To think, scrappy little Green Day who were nobodies when I was in high school are still pissed off enough to make music that gets my blood flowing.

A brief pause while I blast that track one time on the shop sound system.

Yeah, moving on. The Missus has nearly finished hand crafting Miss O's flower girl dress and it's pretty much as spectacular as anything you'd find on a rack at the store. Except that it's way better than that because there's just enough of a hint of my-mom-made-this about it to make it fairly glow. I may need a shot of Motörhead to recover from gushing about a dress. Bee right back.

Surprise, surprise it's Memorial Day weekend already. We'll likely be doing just a ton of gardening this weekend and that's always a good feeling. We're expecting a visit on Sunday from The Missus' college roomie and our favorite soon-to-be-married couple is stopping in for hot dogs and merriment on Memorial Day Monday. I'll be lucky if there's anything left of me to drag into work on Tuesday.

I just ran out of steam there. Good enough. I'll leave you with the following encouragement. Don't be afraid to blast the stereo and mash your favorite air guitar to splinters, and don't worry about the neighbors, they need to hear it too.



ChurchPunkMom said...

We're totally feelin the meh over here too man.. so much stress, so little opportunity for alleviation.

er something.

glad you have some fun this weekend to look forward to. ;) we'll be stuck indoors with no vehicle and no sunshine. laaaaaame.

Irish Gumbo said...

"You have to, acccccentttuuuuuate the positive..."

"..always look on the brighter side, of life, (whistle)"

Ah, who am I foolin'?


Julia said...

That's awesome about Green Day. I have only heard "Know Your Enemy" by chance on CFNY on a couple of our travels between Jamestown and Rochester. So that's good stuff.

We're looking fwd to seeing you guys on Sunday, but I get how it's turning into QUITE the weekend for you! Just kick us out when it gets to be too much.

Jill said...

Rock on mister, Rock on!