Saturday, May 9, 2009

Movin Slowwwwww

Today was one of those that just loped along. I got up. I wandered around. I ate some stuff. I fed the kids. The Missus was going on about doing stuff with plants. There isn't really enough here to scrape together a proper post. Mostly I just feel like writing a list of all the pleasant things that occurred today so that you can agree with me how much better toady was than all the other days where I had to deal with fire alarms and the fire department and asbestos and whatnot.

- Had a date with my daughter in which we went to the bank, the bottle return, and Target.

- Was only pissed off for a total of 43 minutes the whole day and it was mostly at myself due to my lack of patience with the Short People.

- Watched a lot of green things start to hold their own.

- Streamed a show on Public Radio of old timey music on my iPod touch while running around the yard with a wheel barrow.

- Cooked pancakes and homemade sausage for the Short People while The Missus was off at a dinner party with the wee bairn.

- Forgot I am in possession of a company cell phone for over six hours.

- Listened to Prairie Home Companion while the Shorties did something else that wasn't punching each other in the face.

- Put my kids to bed and they all just stayed there.



Jim Styro said...

That does sound like a good day. Especially the last bullet point. When children stay in bed after being placed there, that is, as they say in the Mastercard ads - Priceless!

mo.stoneskin said...

Streaming music while running about with a wheelbarrow?

Fair play.