Monday, May 11, 2009

Movin' On Up?

I wound up having lunch with the Big Boss today. Not that I was trying to, he just happened to be in the area and we wound up at a table together. He mentioned that he was going to be drawing up a construction job. I couldn't tell from the statement whether he was getting ready to put a deck on his house or if there was still more to be done here at the hospital.

Turns out the latter was true and there was more on top of it. The "construction job" he was writing up was a job description for a guy to be a liaison to contractors. I asked if he was looking to hire someone on in a serious tone. He responded emphatically that the hospital wanted very much to keep me at that position. I don't know if it comes with a raise to go with my shiny company cell phone but that would sure be nice. If it's just a title I suppose I could live with that. I think I'll insist on the title being Construction Coordinator though. If they're only going to give me two little words they should at least be ones that will look good on my resume.

Later that day he called me up to look at some unfinished space we have. Turns out the hospital is interested in turning it into a meeting room. Oy. Just what I needed, another construction project to be the cherry on top of a five scoop sundae. Maybe if it turns out to be a particularly nice meeting room I can get it named after me. Ah well, whatever. At least it looks like the more time goes by the more they're willing to let me just work on my own, which is how things get done the quickest.

In other news it's been nearly a whole week that our entire family has been healthy. I sort of forgot what it was like, being that the last time it happened was back in the neighborhood of Thanksgiving. So we give thanks to the Most High, for good weather and healthy children to send out in it.



Jim Styro said...

I'd say if the hospital wants "very much to keep (you) at that position" they should up the ante a little. I strongly suggest the following strategy: in your next conversation with the Boss (or his minion) act as though a raise is assumed - and inquire how much more you'll be making under the new job description. At worst, you can watch them squirm while they try to explain why a raise isn't justified. At best, you'll have some additional partying cash.

If you know this isn't a good idea, feel free to ignore me.

Irish Gumbo said...

For a split second, I thought "He had lunch with God?" (grin) Sounds like there's some good things in store for you.

Glad to hear about the health and possible increase in wealth. Good luck, and I'm thinking of you. :)

Middle Aged Woman said...

Good news is good news! Congrats on the health - even better!

Jill said...

Gald your bunch is feeling better...