Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lemme Stand Next To Yo Fie-Yah!

So I was standing in line at the buffet tonight, at a pipeline excavation seminar (courtesy of the hospital) next to my friend from the crew. A girl who was an emergency responder on the other side of the table asked, "Where do you guys work?" My buddy responded and she followed up with, "So why do you have flame resistant clothes on?"

Arc-flash protection when we work on electrical systems was the answer but dang girl, good eye. We both scooped up some chicken parm with our wedding ring hands and moved on just in case it was some type of haz-mat crew pick up line and moved on.

In other news, a part of our fire detection system actually CAUGHT ON FIRE today. Right at the end of the shift, which is when the system seems to want to be acting up these days. (There's somethng about the smell of an eighty year old transformer smoldering that reminds me of camp.) I put in two extra hours sorting it out with an electrician and two other guys from the crew, went to the dinner/seminar, then came back to bring the thing back on line. It saved some poor sap from having to wander the halls of an ancient and remote building all night doing fire watch but it also meant that I missed any time with my Short People today. Ah well, better luck tomorrow.

Now I'm home and the kitchen's a mess so I'm off to put in some time on KP duty and hopefully get in the rack sometime before tomorrow. G'nite all.



Jill said...

Life's a drag sometime huh! I'm stuck in the world of snot right now!

Coelecanth said...

"...haz-mat crew pick up line..." You know, there's some combinations of english words that you have to wonder if they've ever been used in that way before. Thanks for that, I snorted and maybe even LOLed.

I hate it when work keeps me out past my little one's bed time. It's even worse because I'm my own boss. No one to blame but myself when things go long.