Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sail Away For A Sunny Day, And I'll Keep Watch Tonight

I just had a memory pop up from when I was very little, maybe four. I walked into my room in the summer and looked into the late sunshine of the day and felt the evening breeze start to swish in through the screen. I don't want to get all Eyore but I think that was the last time that I wasn't worried about anything. I look around my house now at the four Short People all nestled in their beds and I'm hoping with all I have that they're having those same kind of moments and that they don't start getting gnawed at by the world for a long time.



Middle Aged Woman said...

Memories like that are magic. And they are certainly stockpiling them now.

cIII said...

Look past the Worry, and into the Bright Eye of Fortunate and Blessed, Mister.

It's there.

Worry is only the Thin Grey-ish Veil.

Jill said...

I love those memories. There was a tree (i believe its still there) infront of my grandparents house. A huge white pine tucked into a grove of other pine trees. There was a branch about 3/4 of the way up that has the perfect perch to just sit and watch the world go by and feel the breeze sway the tree. It was great! Sometimes I miss those days of childhood when your only responsibility was homework. Man if our only responsibilities now were homework! As I'm typing this my youngest responsibility just waddled up and stuck her arms out to me and you know what, I wouldn't trade places with that 10 year old!