Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Wall

Today I hit the wall... and man does it feel good.

At least one member of my family has been sick since before Christmas. Sick in groups. Sick one at a time. And in all that time I never caught any of it. It's like God chased off every sneeze and cough and left me free to keep at it. Not that I've done a spectacular job of bringing home the bacon or keeping said home in tip-top condition, but I've been on my feet the whole time.

It seems like now that the baby is here and The Missus is OK I finally got clearance to crash. I had a sneaking suspicion last night that today would me my day. I sat down on the couch at nine with Sweets so The Missus could take a long awaited shower and we both promptly fell asleep. That's all I remember until he woke me up around one. I was hungry so I supposed heh was too and brought him upstairs, changed his nappy and handed him off. This woke H-Bomb and the only fix for him was to get in the big bed. So, still in my sweaty uniform and with scratchy throat, I headed back for the couch.

When my cell phone started chirruping at me to start the day I just looked at it and laughed. A couple snooze alarms later I dialed work and left a message, "It's Jon D, I'm sick, see you tomorrow." The Missus called down a while later to see if I was up. "Called in". My mother showed up to help with the boys, "Are you going to be late for work?" "...called in".

I finally stood up at nine to help get Sweets buckled into the car seat for his doctor appointment. Miss O was at school, the big boys were at Grama's and I was about to have the house to myself. Despite not being actually, infected-with-germs sick I still felt like a bucket of manure. It's been two and a half hours and all I've managed is a bowl of cereal and some beard pruning (fairly major, actually.)

Hopefully the rest of the day includes lunch or at least coffee with my darling wife, whom I miss, and after a bit of a rest, some much needed horse-play with my Shorties. Looks like hitting the wall might not be so bad after all.



mo.stoneskin said...

Just be careful Mister, a bit too much horse-play could wreak havoc with your recovery!

Irish Gumbo said...

Whoa,slow down, son, take it easy. You live in the edge!

Ease up and take a break, would ya?

Get well soon, ya bucket o' manure...(grin)