Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In keeping with our Crunchy Granola lifestyle we took the Short People to a friend's house for haircuts. Fantastic Sam will never get his grubby little mitts on any of our greenbacks. So there we all were in a gigantic pile of humanity, enjoying each others company... and dancing on the table.

Yeah, that's right... on the table. By the time I made it in the door our baby was in his travel bucket on their kitchen table with two of their shorties standing right up there just taking in the sight. Frickin' awesome! Usually I hate going places but I had a blast.

Within ten minutes not only were all the Short Folk playing relatively nicely with each other but climbing all over the bearded guy in the leather jacket too. And so it went until we had all been pruned.

Miss O went for the biggest change. She went from having Pocco Poca Poccahont really long American Indian Style hair to having a super cute sophisticated bob cut that she tops with a most excellent punk rock pink skull cap. The fam looks hawt!

And wonder of wonders I have tomorrow off. I've got to work Saturday but who cares. I've got tomorrow off and we got sent home with a whopping great platter of some sort of breakfasty goodness that I'm probably going to straight up lie down in once we heat it up. We even prepped the shorties in an attempt to sleep in tomorrow.

Life is good. Now I'm going over to Simple Terms to bitch about work.



steenky bee said...

That skull cap sounds like all sorts of awesome. Is Miss O cool with the hair cut? For girls and women and me, it's traumatic every time scissors touch our locks.

P.S.: You should know that I spelled scissors right the first time when I posted this.

ChurchPunkMom said...

But where's the pictures??

We do our own haircuts here at home (well.. you know that.. sometimes our kids do them on their own..), coincidentally, tonight was supposed to be haircut night here at Maison de LaBresh as well... but it didn't happen. not terribly surprising, tis the way of things around here. ;)

mo.stoneskin said...

"Usually I hate going places"? What, entirely? On the whole I hate having my hair cut. I also hate shaving. If I don't shave for long enough the missus grabs the hair clippers and shaves my head and face in one swift session.

The Mister said...

Yeah, hate going places. I live in my grandfather's house, right up the street from where I grew up. When I'm not working, I just want to be there. For family vacation, I just want to go in the back yard.