Friday, March 13, 2009

One Of Those Days

Ya know when you have one of those days. One of those days when:

Your wife makes batches of peanut butter all morning, and two batches of yogurt, and granola, and bread, and pizza, and several other things that you can't remember.

Your boys scream, wail, and fight over possession of not one but both of the two IDENTICAL dump trucks.

You have to brow beat the children to eat PIZZA!

The cat barfs on The Missus' side of the bed.

You get your paycheck and it's a lot smaller than you're used to because you're not allowed to work overtime any more, except for the ten hours of overtime you worked during an emergency, and you start thinking about how small the next paycheck is going to be when you're just getting paid straight time for the week and it kind of makes you want to drink except that alcohol is probably one of those luxuries you're going to have to take a pass on except that well, there is the grape arbor out back and maybe a little basement fermentation project would serve the family better next summer than making grape jam


You spend two hours hunkered down in the shop watching Primus videos on your iPod and totally neglect cleaning up dinner.

Yeah... it was one of those days.

But fear not for your beleaguered host. There's a rock show tomorrow night. It's on somebody else's system. No heavy lifting. There is a Stromboli Express around the corner and the band is buying.

We shall rise early (except for The Missus who shall "have a lie-in" as the Brits say). We shall eat pancakes. They shall be drenched in maple syrup that was made just up the road. We shall lounge in our PJs and watch cartoons animated by Canadians noises and have their royal . The cats shall make horking noises and get their royal heinies tossed out the front door. We shall eat leftover pizza for lunch and grind it into the rug. We shall lounge. We shall vegetate. We shall quite likely send the Short People outside for a game of run-around-screaming-and-blowing-whistles. We shall lay about and absorb the restorative aura given off by our couches. And we shall nap.

Oh, yes... we shall nap.



mo.stoneskin said...

That's right, we do say "have a lie-in". Or at least, some of us do, and some of us now have a little baby which means we've forgotten what it is like to have a lie in...

Could really do with some pancakes.

Pamela said...

i could really do with a lie-in.

that girl said...

My ignorance of Canada abounds...ask me about Mexico. I could tell you some things about Mexico..

I"m sorry about the day, the job w/ no overtime, the pizza in the carpet. If it makes you feel any better at all we also have days where the kids won't even eat pizza or pb&j or anything but suckers and icecream. I don't know what the right solution is - but recently I've been including a LONG diatribe in the blessing about starving children around the world whose bellies really, really, really hurt for food and they're happy if they get oatmeal or something. Judging by Mr. Mustang's laughter from the living room - I'm thinking it's a bit much.

Jill said...

you need a trip to Short Track to have yourself a short stack (quick hurry man, they close down till next February some time in April!) then and only then can you truly enjoy your vegitative state on the couch whilst watching Canadaian Cartoons!

ChurchPunkMom said...

dude. i totally love those days. they're just awesome.

cIII said...

Those days have a way of becoming more and more frequent.

Thank Fonzie my garage is a Brewery. Now if the cost of Hops would just come down a bit.

Your post made me think of a verse by Longfellow:

'And the nights shall be filled with music,/And the cares that infest the day,/Shall fold their Tents, like the Arabs/And as silently steal away.'

I sure hope so.