Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ohhhh, Mah Doze!

Spring is here. Not that you can really tell because I live in Western New York and there's still forty-one and a half inches of frost in the ground, and it will still be another month before it's warm enough to shave my beard off. There is one sure sign of Spring that will never fail. Well... apart from me wanting to tie the cats in a knot and throw them in the street.

There is some hearty plant that is not the least bit scared of twenty degree temperatures. Right about this time of year it gets down to business. There is something truly awesome about an organism that can drill down through frozen earth to find nutrients. It instills wonder in my soul to picture fauna that will melt snow to get a drink. And it really pisses me off that it does all this so it can release pollen that is on a mission to fly directly up my left nostril. I my mind I imagine something like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors sprouting in my back yard with a blowgun.

I'm out of practice with the allergy pills. Loratadine is great (That would be Claratin to those of you who still buy brand-name). But something about my body chemistry causes the twenty-four hour formula to run out at about twenty-three hours and forty-nine minutes. I have to really stay on top of the creeping dosage schedule or I wind up suffering while the antihistamines play catch-up.

So now I've got drippage. I've got drainage. I've got pressure on the inside of my skull that is actually causing a not alltogether unpleasant sort of a high that would almost be enjoyable but for the river pouring from my sinuses.

I have to get out of the shop, it's in danger of flooding. I'm going to go bow bah doze and see if I can't rustle up a post for Simple Terms in a bit. Hit me up on Twitter yo.

Just took a peek at my Google statistics and it amazed me to see that two people from France spent a few minutes here. Bonjour! (That's about the only French I know despite being the son of a French teacher, sorry.) Also, a big Merkan "What Up" to my new follow in fricking Kuwait! of all places.


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mo.stoneskin said...

Cats are surprisingly tricky to tie in knots and - would you believe it - they don't like it much either.