Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OH Baby!

Don't get all excited. The wee one hasn't arrived just yet. The Missus went in for a doctor visit today and found out she was 2cm and 70%... whatever that means. You would think with this being our fourth child that I would be all up on the terminology but I never bothered. My girl sort of throws convention out the window though. Usually she goes past her due date, then has a fairly long labor, which appears to stall out at some point, then randomly decides it's time to have the baby and twenty minutes later there's one more person in the room.

We're pretty casual about the whole thing. Even when our first came into the world all the nurses thought we had been through it before. That's why I was not surprised to find out the details of today's development on Twitter and not via excited phone call. Mostly I'm writing all this just to get people braced up. Specifically the dozen or so people who will be guest posting in her absence. Have your topics ready, stick to the schedule, don't push and nobody will get thrown out of the pool.

As for myself, I'll just be chilling out, as usual. When our last baby was born The Missus actually got tired of having me around and sent me off to work for a while. Lucky for me I work at the hospital now so the girls from Delivery can just call me on the radio when it's time. Nice.

That's all, thanks to everyone for the encouragement. It's not easy on a girl, or her family. Pretty soon though, the sun will be shining down on our newest addition while he sleeps peacefully by the garden while we pull weeds and cheer on the tomatoes. Actually, he'll be in the shade of the maple tree, we're not stupid around here, we've done this a time or two. Keep your cell phones on and Twitter open, reload our blogs constantly and soon you shall be rewarded for all the waiting.


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mo.stoneskin said...

"just be chilling out" - that made me smile! Well done you guys look forward to hearing about a newborn soon!