Thursday, March 26, 2009

9:45 Any Time Now

6:45 pm
I'm not going to do a separate post until the baby arrives. So if you're interested in the ongoing details just keep coming back to this one. Here's the current skinny. Or rather here's the current lack of skinny. We decided to go for a walk after dinner so the Short People could splash in puddles and get worn out. Also to hurry the labor on a little so The Missus can go get checked into the hospital.

As we were tromping around the block to get to the good puddes my supervisor drove by and waved. He was apparently so impressed by the baby belly that he whipped it around to get a closer look. (That just means he pulled a u-turn. I don't know if folks other places call it that.). I told him I may be at work tomorrow, just not at work.

She's on the phone right now to see when her midwife wants her to come in. Looks like it might be another long night. To make matters only slightly more complicated I've got an event to do the sound for starting at 6 am. I'm already too tired consider the ramifications.

10:35 pm
A little bit ago Miss O was feeling like the best way to cope with her impatience was to kick the wall and scream, "I CAN'T WAIT!!!" I scooped her up and swept her outside. We stood in the fifty degree air, blinking around at the streetlights beaming down through the misty pre-spring air. We started talking about the lights and the color, the sounds and the damp in the air around us.

I carried her up to our bed where The Missus was racked out, talking on the phone and preparing for a nap. We shared a few words. I tucked her back in her own bed. I'm pretty sure she's asleep now. As disconnected from reality and unable to probe the possibilities of the next few hours as I am right now, I can't even imagine what's wheeling around in her little head.

Ah well... blessed slumber and a warm cat on the blanket is a wonderful cure.

5:30 am
We all went to bed around eleven or so. Everybody's sleeping sort of fitfully, but at least they're sleeping. Contractions have slowed down, but that usually happens when she holds still. Once the day gets going she'll likely be off to the hospital. As for myself, I'm off to the gig. Looks like everything might actually fit in to this day after all. Stay tuned...

3:30 pm
The gig went off without a hitch and The Missus told me to take my time because the inactivity had slowed things down. I just got home though (after picking up primrose oil and a cheeseburger sub, both labor inducing?) and she was having her second doosie of a contraction in eight minutes. Apparently walking a mile and a soak in the tub got things moving.

I've been in touch with my girls up in L&D and they're swamped today but things are lightening up. If we head in after an hour or so they should have a nice spot open. Keep your mouse on the reload button. I'll be in touch.

Yeah... so... we went to the hospital. Things had quieted down and the department was jammed. There was no reason to try and get things going because there was no place for her to labor. So she was given an Ambien to take because sometimes getting some rest helps. We went on a little mini date to Target to pick up some big-sibling gifts for the rest of the Short People and put them to bed. The Shorties, not the presents. Man I'm whupped. Better luck tomorrow, or in the middle of the night. We're ready.



cIII said...

Damn. We should be able to Split ourselves to do everything we need/want to do.

Shit. We'd probly Fork up the Space/Time continuum or something if we did that.

Congratulations and Good Luck. I'll be down the Pub if you need me.

mo.stoneskin said...

Stomping in puddles always wears me out too.

We call it a u-turn over here, or often simply a 'u', i.e. 'he pulled a u'.

Jill said...

Oh I can't wait! I'll be checking in hope all goes well!

ChurchPunkMom said...

you gonna tweet the birth? lol.. ;)

can't wait to hear of your little's arrival!