Monday, March 30, 2009

All Together Again

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who followed along online and sent your words our way. People with big bank accounts are trailer trash compared to us, we're the wealthy ones. To say that your words to us are like gold doesn't begin to to justice to the way we feel.

Today was a great day. My mom showed up before dawn to get Miss O off to school and take care of the boys. She was relieved by Nana, the mother of a friend and H-Bomb's favorite person in the whole wide world. The Short People held up really well through the whole ordeal. Miss O was a total trooper in the delivery room, even remembering to snap some photos with her little pink camera. Little H-Bomb, who has been clinging to his moma like a little spider monkey even did allright in her absence.

I found a number of excuses to visit The Missus in her room today. She was looking great. Seeing her curled up in her bed, looking much thinner and smiling away in the sunlight slanting through the blinds was good medicine for me too. We had lunch together and it was the best date we've had in months. We just sat and ate and paid attention to each other while Elliott snored away in his blanket.

She got discharged right after I got out of work and we headed home to the fam. There was a lot of bouncing and shouting but the littlest monkey just snored right through it all. He was kind enough to sleep all the way through dinner. The grandparents made the trek up the street for a little visit around bed time. Grampa hadn't gotten a chance to hold him yet and he got a long turn.

Once the shorties were snuggled off to bed I ran to the store for a few things. Among them a sixer of Yuengling Black & Tan. For The Missus is very medicinal. Helps with the belly and also the milk production. I had one too in support of her recovery.

The house is clean (ish) the children are well behaved (ish) and it's looking like things will be back to normal by the end of the week. The flood of meals has already begun. We likely won't have to cook for a month. Stay tuned to The Dayton Time for a host of guest bloggers. You know my girl hit up the best of the best so don't miss it. Thanks again for all your support and good night.



ChurchPunkMom said...

beer.. is good for da boobies.

mo.stoneskin said...

There was no mention of poop? Is that 'cos your experience of The Short People has made you immune?

Jill said...

I didn't know black and tans helped Milk production. why didn't you all speak up when I was starving our youngest of breast milk! hahaha, glad you are all home and getting on the track to normal (ish)

steenky bee said...

Is he the sweetest thing ever? Congrats to you and the missus. You two have good genes.

Irish Gumbo said...

Baby. Boobies. Beer. It's all good. *sniff*

You are indeed blessed, Mr. Mister Man. Congrats to you and the Missus.

Beautiful, beautiful. :)