Sunday, March 8, 2009

100th Post

Holy crap! I let my 100th post slide by without any notice. Ah well, it's not such a momentous occasion anyway. Still, time for a brief pause for reflection.

I started this blog becasue of all the hooplah about mommy blogs. I sensed that there was a specific audience for family type stuff and that while there are a few daddy bloggers around we're still outnumbered and one more couldn't hurt. Black Hockey Jesus didn't hurt either. Writing about your family from an oddball point of view makes for some fun reading, just ask The Bloggess.

The cool thing is that I turned out to be right. While I had a few nibbles around my other blog Simple Terms, it's been over here that I've really been connecting with people. I've got bloggy friends far and wide, many of whom I hope to meet in person some day (in a totally non-stalker kind of way).

So, despite the postings being a little thin over here lately due to overwork, having this place to post to has become a favorite part of my life. Thanks to all who stop by and comment.



Thankful Paul said...

Peace be with you

The Mister said...

OK, that's a little creepy, I posted this like... 30 seconds ago and you were right there waiting to share the peace. Whatever, I'll take what I can get.

...and also with you.