Monday, February 9, 2009

Wonder Kid

This one isn't about my kids. Although some totally hilarious stuff happened at dinner involving me telling a spooky story with a surprise ending that makes them all scream and laugh.

This one is about a kid in the show I'm on this month. There's this girl who occasionally gets a supporting role but is most often in the chorus. No lines, just singing and dancing. She's a frickin power house though. A triple threat who steals every single scene she's in. Her mother told me she doesn't care about sports, she just keeps hitting the auditions.

Now there's that thing about teenage girls these days that makes them seem to look older than they really are. Hormones in the chicken or something. So she looks like she could probably pass for about twenty-two, which to my mind would mean that she's probably about seventeen. It made me a little sad to think that pretty soon she'd be going off to college and dazzling audiences elsewhere. But no matter. Best of luck, hope to see you on TV some day so I can nudge my daughter and say, "Remember her?"

Turns out she's a good deal younger than I thought. She's ELEVEN!!! Yeah, sixth grade. So not only has she been tearing it up for years already, I've got at least five more years of productions with her. And, not insignificantly, five more years of shows to take my drama queen daughter to so she can see how the shit is done!

So, in a world full of lazy, overweight, video game addict slugs, my hat is off to the kid who's out there hoofin' it every chance she gets.


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