Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quote Of The Day - Nerbs

Tonight at dinner J-Man was saying over and over again that The Missus was getting on his last nerve. Not that she was doing anything in particular to him. In fact I think at the time she was trying to persuade little H-Bomb to eat something.

It came up again at bed time. Beloved blanket was missing and he had no idea where the darn thing was, as usual. "Just wook awl over da howse" After three complete circuits I finally found the old thing tucked safely away in his back pack, under several thousand plastic vegetables, and the whole mess stuffed under a chair in the living room. Of course, should have looked there first.

As I made my way back to a sleepy-eyed little super hero and handed him his blanket he blinked at me with heavy lids and told me...

"You're getting on my last nerb."

"Your last nerb?"

"Yeah. Cause I got nerbs."

... and he was out.


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