Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Bo Kleedex

My poor family is knocking at Death's door this week. The Short People have contracted the walking mumbly-fuzz that's going around and it looks like The Missus is succumbing as well. Two of them are on antibiotics and all the juice and Saltines in the world aren't going to cure the case of cabin fever that they've all got.

Little H-Bomb has got it the worst. The poor kid just isn't getting any better. So much the worse for The Missus as he just can't seem to get along without maintaining physical contact with her. If she's sitting down he's scrambling, mountain goat style, all over her pregnant belly. It's tough to keep a good kid down. He really wants to feel better and keeps trying to horse around. It only takes about thirty seconds worth before he's reduced to tears, either by his condition or by his siblings.

The worst part of it is that I'm on a show not only this week, which is the usual miserable sentence for my family, but next week as well. It's a big financial shot in the arm to catch a two week run, but I'm already pretty much maxed out. There's likely enough coffee and Mountain Dew in the tri-county area to get me through, but the psychological trauma to the Short Folk is almost too much to bear.

If you're the prayin' sort, send up a quick one for my peeps this week. They need it and there's no other support that's going to get us all through this week. Hope you and yours are doing better than my crew is this week. Soon enough it will all be just a memory. This too shall pass. We press on.



Irish Gumbo said...

Mister: I hear you, and prayers are on the way. Flags went up this morning after i read the damage report over at The Missus'.

Good luck, hang tough, and maybe try some Red Bull? :)

The Mister said...

Red Bull?! Ach! Perish the thought! It's like cough syrup with hell in it. I'll stick to French press coffee and Mountain Dew. (and R.L. Burnside!)

Sarah BPE said...

I've been there, that sucks. Last summer we were in the first week of a four week theatre program, running auditions and callbacks as the music director, and we all got the nasty stomach flu. I was pregnant then, and I threw up every 30 to 40 minutes for 10 hours straight. Then it went through the director's family. And my Short Folk were emotionally strung out the rest of the month. But hey, there's no business like show business! (Go ahead, what's your line?)