Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Off

I think I may be overdoing it. Between work and the show I'm not spending any significant time at home this week. While I've been balancing work and shows for a long time, I may need to take into account the fact that I'm not in my twenties any more and doing things like working 32 hours out of 36 on 4 hours sleep aren't as easily accomplished as they used to be.

It's time to pay the piper. The piper came to collect this morning, but apparently he left his pipes in the car and tiptoed in so as not to disturb the royal slumber. I woke up two and a half hours late for work and had to take the day off. That is because by my understanding of the arcane and convoluted employee handbook it was the only way to avoid the brig. Or possibly being publicly hanged.

So now I'm home with my sick family and loving it. The Short People are all too miserable to antagonize each other very much. We all spent the morning in a pile on the couch watching PBS Kids. They all just slept for and hour and I've been sitting very still trying to identify the sound I was hearing. Turns out it was silence. I had forgotten.

They're showing signs of stirrring so it looks like it's back to the couch for another round of pink antibiotics and children's programming. Heck yeah!


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