Monday, January 19, 2009

The Place Is A Mess! C'mon In!

I got a note from my new heterosexual life partner Irish Gumbo today letting me know that somebody gave him a big hat tip on their blog and was using a quote from The Mister. Pretty frickin sweet! I started to write back to him and when I was done I thought it looked like a post, so I just posted it.

Dear IG,
I can't believe people I don't even know are linking to me. A sign from God? I was about to go on blogger's hiatus. I was feeling tired and crabby because I had to work all weekend and then I realized that I have to work all next weekend, and the weekend after, and the weekend after. 32 days. My next time off is after Valentine's day! Now people are linking to me and I'll likely have new visitors. Shit! This is EXACTLY what I wanted! Company coming over and the blog's a mess.

Nothing for it but to hitch up my britches and put fingers to keys I guess.

One lesson learned from doing NaBloPoMo is that when you're busy and forcing yourself to blog you mostly write about how busy you are. The last three days of November I just wrote fiction and it was like being on vacation (only one I got at the time, being in the middlle of a 21 day pull)

I'm looking forward to taking a cue from your road trip story. I've got stuff like that rolling around in my head but I keep it in there because I've never been around anyone who would appreciate it. First I've got a multi-part story brewing about a guy on tour. More of a collection of odd happenings. Most of it happened to me, some of it tales I've swapped while sitting on an amp rack.

Glad to hear you're in good spirits. Chin up and don't worry. A blithe attitude in the face of a recession is one of my favorite toys, people think you're broken. My old plumber's grin used to get bigger and bigger the worse things got. He's been my role model in times of adversity.

P.S. Thanks to TextIMPS for the quote.

P.P.S. The Missus' boyfriend is a microwaveable bean bag full of indian corn named Colin Firth, so it's not that weird that I called you my heterosexual life partner. At least... not at our house.

P.P.P.S. My kids keep doing hilarious things but they also tick me off so much that I can't remember any of them. Eventually this will go back to being a blog about daddy-type-stuff.



ChurchPunkMom said...

Just remember, a blog can be about whatever you want it to be whenever you want it to be.. keeps things interesting. ;)

Keep at it, brother! You rock.

Pamela said...

Yeah, heterosexual life partner, whatever.

Except the first couple of times I read it, I didn't quite get the hetero part, and I was thinking we needed to have a chat.

I'm going to bed with Colin now.

Irish Gumbo said...

(SPIT TAKE) *snnoorrttggigglessnoortt* Oh, I gots to keep it down, the Wee Lass is trying to sleep, and I could never explain this to The Spouse.

You know what is playing on my iPod as I write this? "When My First Wife Left Me" by R.L. Burnside. Ha!

Sorry you'll be pulling a hard stint in the hinterlands for a while, but you sound like you are getting into a groove, and that's a good thing! I appreciate the shout out, and I just wanted to make sure credit goes to where credit is due.

Not to burst your bubble, though, but Captain Dumbass saw me first ;)

Thnaks, bro. This is way cool!

Daniels5 said...

bwaaahahahahaha...does missus have another colin she would let me borrow for a while?

The Mister said...

@ CPM - Yeah, I get all stuck in this groove like I've set up all these parameters and have to stick with them. Parameters are good, clients and bosses like parameters. I'm Mister Parameter for corn sakes. Where's that envelope? I'm going to take it outside and show it who's boss!

Chris said...

Hey -- You're welcome. =D

I can't believe someone I don't know linked to ME!! Hahaa... I just happened to find your link in my stats. Sorry it took so long to say Thank You & You're Welcome.