Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nine O'Clock And All's Well

My crew is finally almost all healthy. Save for the lingering cough here and the still clogged sinuses there everybody's pretty much back to normal. Thank God! Today was great. There was a minimum of screaming and hitting. The house got clean (er), we ate like kings, topping off the night with pizza and homemade peppermint chip ice cream in front of Kung Fu Panda.

Now my little kung fu fighters are all asleep in their beds. I'm clean and not wearing work clothes. My belly's full and I'm about to curl up on the couch with The Missus and watch Motörhead videos on my iPod while she watches Oceans Twelve.

It just goes to show you that just when you thought it was time to give up hope it can all fall together. Sometimes things just go right.

P.S. It's time for a new Featured Blog over at Simple Terms. Swing on over there and give a look at Irish Gumbo.



Kat said...

I love me some Irish Gumbo. mmm mmm mmm. Sounds like you all had a really nice night.

Irish Gumbo said...

So I'm reading this post, and I'm thinking 'Cool, finally the pestilence is leaving the face of the land, pizza, mmm, Kung Fu alright' finally, things are getting back to normal for the Mister and Crew.

Then I read: 'Motorhead videos on my iPod'. Coolness factor has just increased exponentially. ("You know me, the snakebite kiss
Devil's grip, the Iron Fist!")

And close to the end an optimistic acknowledgement that the wheels DO turn, the odds DO work in your favor now and then. All in all, good news.

Then he goes and gives me a shout out AND a link to his other blog wherein there is a link to mine, picture and all.

*gulp* I have no adequate way to express how that makes me feel, other than to say I am gobsmacked! (Kat will probably be hearing that during her stay in merry old England!)

Mister, I salute you. If there was a way to push a pint over the internet, you'd have a dozen or so in front of you! Thank you!

The Mister said...

A comment that is at least as long as my post is thanks enough. (I may have stumbled into a way to getting you to guest post on my blog twice a week)

The logo is just for stckers for hard hats, tool boxes and such. We're not allowed t-shirts, uniform rules.

Send me an e-mail with your address and I'll send you a couple, it's in my profile.

Vodka Mom said...

yeah, he rocks. The question is, will you?? I'll be back to see!!!

IB said...


I just popped over from Irish Gumbo. I like the blog. Glad to hear you guys are all feeling better.


that girl said...

Yay, better times. awesome.

Daniels5 said...

glad sanity has returned to your neck of the woods

Daniels5 said...
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